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Kiss Me, Kill Me: A Dark Anthology (eBook, ePUB)
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USA Today and International Bestselling authors come together to deliver stories of dark decadence for a cause. Watch as A Serenade of Fireflies follows Sweet Caroline as she attempts to hide her Silent Deception from the Alpha. Only in Stolen Dreams will you learn the secrets of Our Tormented Love, that are kept under Locke & Key. Can you survive The Syndicate or will you run from the White Widow and fall prey to her Beautiful Mercy? Be careful not to swallow the Sweet Poison of Bloodlust and become one of The Vanished. With Stained Hearts, follow along with the Master Marionette as he captures his Twisted Little Bird whether she´s Ready or Not. Do Not Disturb The Dark Knight as he bids a long Goodbye to the sorrows of the night´s bitter song. Try not to do a Double Take when the Message Received is MINE: Press Start to Continue, because the monsters that lurk in these woods Watch Me Losing Faith in The Kiss. And when all is said and done, watch as Getting Her Back in her bloodstained Stiletto heels becomes a much easier task than originally assumed. Kiss Me, Kill Me. An Anthology for American Forests.

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