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Ahead Drum Beginner Starter Set - Silent Practi...
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An ultra compact size set for a maximum of practice.PACK CONTENTS :- Ahead 5 Practice knee pad - Rohema 5A drumsticks (made in Germany)- Eagletone M100 clip metronomeFeatures:Ahead Pad - Quickly and easily secures to a players upperleg using adjustable velcro strap- Soft, gray gum rubber pad surface with a steel base provides a natural feel- Convenient and portable- 2 level foam base for comfort and tilt- Accommodates traditional and matched grip- Realistic feel- Improves technique without ear damaging volume- Diameter: 13.97cm (5.50 inches)- Overall Depth: 1.84cm (0.725 inches)- Weight: 0.45kg (1 lbs)Rohema drumsticks- Classic series- Premium Americann hickory wood- Made in Germany- Lacquer finish- Length: 405mm- Diameter: 14,5mmEagletone M100 metronome- Beat: Rhythm: 6- Tempo: 30-250bpm- Volume: Mute, Low, Medium, High- Indication Mode: Pulsating, Speaker, LED- Time setting Range: 10-90 minutes- Weight: 30g- Dimensions: 48 × 43 × 63mm- Power: CR2032 Battery (included)

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