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When Yanni Tomaras is kicked out of his family home, his parents´ final words are religious insults and an order to never return. Homeless and desperate, he´s lured in by Lance - charming on the outside, an evil predator underneath - who abuses Yanni until he finds the courage to leave. Yanni should feel free. But by the time Spencer Cohen finds him, he´s resigned to being handed back to Lance and once again being caged by fear. Starting school and a part-time job, Yanni begins to reclaim his life. But a love for silent films leads him to Peter Hannikov, a man with a kind heart but who´s twice his age. An unlikely friendship between them blooms into so much more. Neither man knows what he wants, at first. Finding out exactly what he needs is Yanni´s story. ´´I´d spent years as a bird, caged with my wings clipped, tormented and beaten. I thought I´d escaped when I´d left my abuser, but in hindsight, I could see that I was still caged, this time by fear and self-doubt. Spencer and Andrew, and Andrew´s parents, opened the door to the cage that confined me. But it was Peter who taught me how to fly.´´ Contains mature themes. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Joel Leslie. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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